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These records have been gathered from citizen scientists across England to help us learn more about bats use of church buildings. Thank you to our volunteers and church representatives who have taken part!

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This map displays all records submitted from the National Bats in Churches Study (which aims to identify any bats using the church) and Church Bat Detectives (which simply looks for bat presence in the main body of the church) since we started the study in the summer of 2019.

A record of no bat evidence does not necessarily mean that bats do not use the building, it simply means that there was no evidence of them in the church interior during our one-off visit. If you represent a bat or wildlife group or a diocese and would like more information about the records in your area, please contact us at churches@bats.org.uk. You can find our methodology here.

churches surveyed

We’re doing well so far! We have one more summer to include as many churches as possible. Can you help us reach 700 churches surveyed? Everyone can take part. See what’s involved here.

These figures are based on submissions to both the National Bats in Churches Study and Church Bat Detectives.

This chart uses records from the National Bats in Churches Study and shows how many churches a species has been recorded in via our surveys since it began in 2019. We have combined records from DNA analysis of bat droppings and acoustic data from bat detectors placed in the chancel for two nights.

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